1.  Kimball knuckles

Posted 05-18-2017 09:17
1904 4' 8" French Provincial Kimball grand
I'm replacing the hammer shanks and flanges on this piano.  It has the sloped knuckles common for the era of that grand.  I'm aware of position and diameter concerns when it comes to knuckles.  What I'm more concerned about is whether or not it's advised.  Has anyone done this before?  Any issues I need to be aware of?

2.  RE: Kimball knuckles

Posted 05-18-2017 16:53
Hi, Larry. Get the WNG parts kit, and put together a combination that
will work. They have a number of sizes of knuckles, and you don't have
to buy them glued in, so you can experiment. Be advised, however, that
if you are going to change the whips too, you will probably need to
change the action spread, and modify the whippen rail to accommodate
the new whips.
Clark A. Sprague, RPT www.clarkspianoservice.com

3.  RE: Kimball knuckles

Posted 05-19-2017 16:47
I believe that an exact replacement of that style is not available.
It is possible, however, to replace that knuckle style with conventional shanks & flanges.
As Clark said, the WNG option is also viable.
Be aware if using conventional knuckles that the Kimball may have a knuckle spread of 16mm.
Most non-Steinway types are 17mm.
Abel has a 16mm knuckle spread available with an unbored/uncut flange, which allows for a custom fit.
This Kimball also may have a 17mm spread, but I see the 16mm more often than the 17mm.
You will need to hold the new & old side-by-side,
since determining the spread with a sloped knuckle mat not be as easy as one would hope it to be.
I cannot speak for the Renner parts as to the options available from them.

Hope this helps,

John Gallen
1040 Pianos
S Windham CT

4.  RE: Kimball knuckles

Posted 05-20-2017 10:15
Thanks John, that's exactly the information I was hoping for.  Kudos to this forum.  I'll take your measurements into consideration.

I've received word from Brooks LTD that they have experience with this very sort of thing and that they can accommodate me.

As for WNG parts  .......  Clark I'm sorry but I'm old school  .......  call me what you may  ........  I'm unwilling to use those parts.  I find the concept to be truly functional and appealing however the tools and materials go beyond what I'm willing to work with  ......  and I don't want to leave a possible problem for the next tech to deal with.


Larry Fisher
Owner, Chief Grunt, Head Hosehead
Vancouver WA