Heintzman Transposing Piano

This Heintzman Transposing Upright piano was built in Toronto, Canada in 1897. The serial number is 12752. It is designed to play in any desired key without regard of the key being played in. The extra wide cheek blocks hide additional keys. The transposing mechanism moves the keys right or left to the desired position for the key to be played in. This piano will transpose a full octave. To operate this mechanism, the middle pedal is depressed, then the knob which can be seen below the keys is turned until the chosen key is shown on the silver plate above the middle of the keys. Irving Berlin only played and wrote in the key of F sharp, but used a similar piano in his work. Transposing pianos were found in all of the music publishing houses of the day, so one could sing along in their preferred key, without the mental gymnastics required to do it the old fashioned way. This piano was donated to us by Eve Hardin.