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www.ptg.org is the main (and public) site for the Piano Technicians Guild. It includes a wide variety of resources for the public, nonmember technicians and PTG members, including a search for a Registered Piano Technician feature and our online store. PTG members can log in to the Member Area to find a complete member directory, downloadable Journal files exam information, organizational documents, business and marketing aids, chapter resources, and more. If you are interested in the PTG community site, see my.ptg.org.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create an account?

PTG members are automatically set up with online accounts. Click on MEMBER LOGIN from the left menu (or Individual Login if logging in from another area), Use your member i.d. as your Username and your assigned password. You will be able to change your Username and password from the View My Profile area.

2. Where do I get my log in information?

Click on MEMBER LOGIN at the top of the left menu and a login page will appear. On the right hand side of the page is a link to request your login information. Your login information will be emailed to you. You can also call the PTG Home Office at 913-432-9975 during business hours to request your login information or email us at www.ptg.org.

3. How do I change my password?

Once you are logged in, click on View My Profile on the left menu bar, then choose Change Password from the drop down list at the top of the page. You can also access this area from my.ptg.org by clicking on "Edit Contact Information" in your profile.

4. How do I find a member directory or chapter directory?

Login as a PTG member, click on Member Area on the left menu, then choose Directories from the Member Area menu. You can choose from several different search methods including a chapter drop down box. Keep in mind that some members may not show up if they have chosen to hide their information from the web.

5. How do I pay my invoices online?

On the PTG home page click on "Pay Online" under the Quick Links and you will find a list of your outstanding invoices (including dues). You can also find this in View My Profile. From the drop down box at the top of the page, choose Order History.

6. How do I log into the PTG Store?

Once you are logged into the Member Area you are automatically logged in to the store. You will no longer need the login from your old store account to access the PTG Store.

7. Why can't I find the PTG Store items I'm looking for?

Some items are restricted to viewing by PTG members only, and other items may be restricted to RPTs. Login as a PTG member and you will see all the items available for your member type.

8. Why don't I show up in the online directories?

The "Find a Registered Piano Technician" feature available to the public displays only RPT names. The directory found in the Member Area shows all members. If you think you should appear in one or both of these directories, check your profile to make sure you have not checked “No” next to "Exclude me from Directories."

9. Why can’t I log in?

The site does not support browser versions that are no longer supported by their manufacturer. Such browsers versions include IE6 and IE7, which are no longer supported by Microsoft.

Try clearing the browser cache (history, data, etc. depending on your browser). We have made some changes in how our login setup works recently and your computer may be trying to load older pages. Wherever you start (www.ptg.org or my.ptg.org), the login screen where you enter your username and password should say my.ptg.org at the top.

Other things to try:

A.  Be sure you are logged out of www.ptg.org and my.ptg.org on any other device (phone, other computers, iPad, etc.) or browser. Logout at my.ptg.org first, then login through www.ptg.org. Refresh the page whenever you move back and forth between web sites.

B.  Clear your browsing history (empty cache, clear recent history, reset Safari, etc. depending on your browser) and remove cookies. You can usually do this under the Tools (or Safari) menu. You may also need to delete any bookmarks saved for www.ptg.org. Type www.ptg.org into the browser address line.

C.  Check your security or privacy settings for your browser to make sure they are turned off, or that you are not blocking all unapproved content.

D.  Check the firewall setting on your computer. You may need to turn it down. You can also add trusted sites.

E.  Update your browser version.

F.  Try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari).  Here is a list of compatibility issues with individual browsers.  

G.  Login at http://my.ptg.org and see if you are also logged in at www.ptg.org by clicking on PTG Home under the HOME button on the top menu.

H.  Restart your computer.

I.  If you are trying to login from a computer attached to a network, talk to the network administrator to see if there are firewall or proxy settings that may be causing problems.

10. Why can't I log out?

Try logging out on the site (www.ptg.org or my.ptg.org) where you originally logged in. You may also need to refresh the web page. You may also have browser issues or internet settings that are affecting how these web sites work for you. Please contact us at ptg@ptg.org or 913-432-9975 if you continue to have difficulties.