Mr. Chris Chernobieff

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I offer rebuilding services to the trade with a specialty in soundboard engineering, making, and installation.

I started designing and making harpsichords just out of High School in 1978 in California.
Harpsichord making remained part-time as I was part of the family construction business. We specialized in buying 5 acre parcels and building new homes.
I began designing pianos, beginning in 2010 with the Mammoth VCG, a 7' tall Grand Piano ( pics on my website).

I believe soundboards made today, are overly stiff and high pitch sounding. Totally the opposite of what the great designers were striving for in the past. Its easy to make a stiff board, but its an engineering balancing act to have maximum flexibility coupled with strength.

The characteristics of my boards are a long sustain, and a low tone on a tap test. Thus being historically accurate.

If you are interested in any of my services, please feel free to contact me. i would enjoy talking with you.