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1949 born in The Bronx, New York 1971 earned Bachelor's degree in Music from Hunter College of the City of New York. 1971-72 Studied piano tuning & repair with Robert Fairchild, Northport, NY. 1972 Studied piano tuning with Stephen Fairchild, Sr. Nassau County, NY. April, 1972 - joined Piano Technicians Guild for one year; did not renew membership (I was a foolish youth!). 1972-73 piano tuner-technician at Aeolian Corporation, New York. 1973 piano tuner-technician for International Piano Archives, New York. Worked with William Santaella, who later designed Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand. 1973-76 piano technician for Yamaha Music Center in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. 1976-77 piano technician for Yamaha dealer in San Francisco, CA - St. Regis & Leuenberger. 1978 - present sole proprietor of Virtuoso Piano Service in San Francisco area. April, 2000 re-joined Piano Technicians Guild after a lapse in membership of 28 years! 2003 - Trained with David Stanwood and earned license as a Precision Touch Design installer. May, 2005 - passed exams to qualify as Registered Piano Technician (RPT). 2006 - Took piano technology training at Yamaha's Little Red Schoolhouse. 2010 went to China while member of International Relations Committee, toured 4 piano factories, rebuilding shops, showrooms, conferred with industry leaders, taught classes to Chinese technicians. 2012 hired as Piano Technician II by Green Music Center at Sonoma State University July 2013 Attended Steinway Academy at Oberlin College September 2013 attended Steinway Academy at New York Steinway factory