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  • I like the idea of the angle iron supports on the outside of the action. Les Koltvedt (404) 631-7177

  • I have seen videos, I think from Renner USA, of pre voicing before hanging, hammers held in a clamp. That is a reasonable procedure if you are replacing parts, but most of the time I am dealing with hammers that are already hung. For ...

  • Greetings, I remember hearing at NBSS that there were European techs (perhaps one of the Glazebrooks?) that would pre-voice Renner hammers for the Hamburg pianos on the bench before hanging them. This allowed them to hammer the ...

  • Excellent summary. I was taught similarly using that technique to get deeper which indeed makes a bigger and more lasting difference. Vince Mrykalo 드림 An error in thinking does not become truth by reason of multiplied ...


  • Possibly nylon guitar strings could be the right diameter--G string perhaps? ------------------------------ Jonathan Moberg RPT Shorewood WI (414) 962-2227 ------------------------------

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    RE: Neupert plectra

    The hole in the tongue is also tapered. A cylindrical material will not hold well by friction. Someone had me work on a Neupert in which someone had replaced plectra for one register with a stiff cylindrical material. Since ...

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    RE: Neupert plectra

    They are mildly tapered Get Outlook for iOS

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    RE: Neupert plectra

    Dave-What is the diameter? My recollection is that it was cylindrical, like a piece of thick fishing line, then cut to a taper. (I have. a rather large selection of deep sea fishing leader....not for fishing.) ------------------------------ ...