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    RE: Twist and Shout!

    Scott, I wrote a short PTJ article a few years ago describing how I have turned bass strings for over 30 years. I untwist them several turns, then give them an extra full or half twist and reinstall them.  I typically do every other ...

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    Twist and Shout!

    I have rediscovered the amazing results that can come from twisting bass strings! Had a customer that was gifted an old Pease baby grand. It tuned up fine but the bass was really tubby. Checked the bridge and it seemed to be attached ...


  • I have already read many of the other fine comments on this topic of pitch if I am out of order. I just checked the pitch on one of my harpsichords that hasn't been used for 3 years last tuned at 440 pitch. It is now about 40 ...

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    RE: Harpsichord at 445

    I think you should confirm that that is the pitch they want. Have a thick hide and ask the production manager to check the rider to be sure. To my mind, it is far more likely to be a request for 415 that someone has read and conveyed ...

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    RE: Harpsichord at 445

    How well do you know the harpsichord and the environment? Are you prepared to replace broken strings? There are harpsichords that raise their own pitch much higher than 445 when the humidity rises. Some can do this in a few hours. ...

  • Management know nothing about harpsichords! I'll bet it's supposed to say 435. Refuse to raise any harpsichord to 445. It's nowhere you want to go. Paul