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Mr. Thomas Dowell, RPT

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Tom Dowell is an expert piano technician with experience in nearly every aspect of piano technology. He excels at piano action rebuilding. He loves being able to take a piano from good to amazing by creating custom actions for piano players.

Tom began his interest in musical instruments while he was in high school when he decided to build his own guitar. From there, his interest spread to pianos, though he still enjoys playing his guitar too.

Tom spent about 5 years in his wife’s native country, South Korea. There he and his wife, Songhwa, taught English to students. Tom was also able to hone his Korean speaking skills. Tom is conversational in Korean, so if you are from Korea, feel free to talk to him (slowly!) in Korean. 톰이 한국말을 할 줄 알아서 한국말로 천천히 말씀하시면 됩니다.

Tom has worked in the piano industry since 2008, and has over a decade of experience in solving piano problems. He is an active member of the Piano Technicians Guild, where he has taught classes locally, as well as attended regional and national seminars.