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63nd Annual PTG Convention & Technical Institute • August 4 - 7, 2021 • Orlando, FL

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New this year! The Live Stream Pass allows you to view 12 select Institute classes online.
Wednesday - Friday, August 4 - 6.
Four 90-minute classes per day starting at 8 am ET.
View live in August and later on-demand.
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Live Stream Classes
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Wednesday, August 4
(B,I) Improving Upright Performance, 20 Tips
Starr Taylor, RPT, Southwest Florida Chapter
This class is designed to help technicians look at the whole piano system. If you know what to look for, you'll be seen as a professional. The tips in this class will help you quickly diagnose problems and fix them. Topics include tuning instability, bedding actions, ironing key bushings, fixing damper rod problems and addressing pedal issues. A detailed handout is included. Questions are always encouraged!

(E) You Don't Know Jack
Nathan Mills, RPT, Augusta, GA Chapter
This class will demystify the concept of double escapement and demonstrate a simple method for setting simultaneous double escapement consistently when regulating grand actions. We will finish up with hands-on practice.

(E) Voicing: A Part of Everyday Service
Ryan Sowers, RPT, Puget Sound, WA Chapter
Voicing, like unisons, should be learned from the beginning and mastered over a lifetime. This class will help you develop systems to upgrade the tone of everyday pianos using novel tools and techniques. Whether a Steinway B or Wurlitzer spinet, your clients will find new joy in their instruments.

(E) Dampers from the Ground Up
Steve Brady, RPT, Seattle, WA Chapter
We’ll cover the important but often-misunderstood topic of damper regulation, including the installation of new damper felts, proper regulation of the damper pedal and the sostenuto pedal, and finally how to troubleshoot and correct damping problems in both grands and verticals.

Thursday, August 5
(E) Creating and Using Specialty Kits for Different Repairs and Tasks
Isaac Sadigursky, RPT, Los Angeles, CA Chapter
View a visual presentation of many of the tool kits Isaac has created to do specific jobs in the shortest amount of time. Some kits are carried in his van (Isaac’s shop-on-wheels) and some are kept in the shop for specific jobs. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Isaac share his experiences in performing daily field services more efficiently.

(E) Re-attaching the Grand Pedal Lyre with T-nuts and Modifying Pitman Holes
Isaac Sadigursky, RPT, Los Angeles, CA Chapter
This method of modifying Grand Pedal lyre mounting was shown by the late legendary Los Angeles tuner Norman Neblett. Isaac has utilized it in his daily work and rescued many institutional pianos suffering from abuse and neglect. You’ll see a demonstration of this simple repair using Isaac’s kit of tools and drills to perform the task in less than 1/2 hour. The second part of the class will deal with modifying the Pitman Hole by enlarging it, so the Pitman does not make squeaks and other annoying sounds.

(E) Complete Piano Service: Optimizing the Piano, Your Client and Your Career - Part 1
Eric Johnson, RPT, Connecticut Chapter
Eric will share his complementary approaches to the concept of complete piano service. You’ll hear lots of tips and techniques for getting the very best out of pianos and clients, ultimately leading to a rewarding and fulfilling career for you. 

(E) Complete Piano Service: Working with Artists and Venues - Part 2
Eric Johnson, RPT, Connecticut Chapter
This class will examine how a technician interacts with artists and performance venues as well as the challenges of maintaining pianos in professional use.

Friday, August 6

(I,A) Ghosting Let-off / Focusing Tone
Dave Conte, RPT, Knoxville, TN Chapter

We’ll explore the relationship of the string and hammer while in motion, and how to use it to maximize performance and for troubleshooting. There will be plenty of discussion and demonstration.

(E) Relentless Repetition, Relentless Repetition, Relent.......
Mike Reiter, RPT, Eugene, OR
This class will aid in the improvement of rapidly repeating notes on grand actions using normal regulation methods. We will take time to explore the ins and outs of some of the finer points of regulation and where the action loses the ability to reset before the key returns to the rest point.

(E) Tuning Fundamentals: The Old and The New
RandiSue Potter, RPT, ARPT, Portland, OR Chapter
Techniques — how we sit, stand, manipulate our hammer, use various types of mutes, strike, and caress the key — are as important a part of our Tool Kit as are the hammers and mutes themselves. Beginners will learn to use Smart Techniques to be efficient and effective from the start, alleviating stress in their hands and back, while making their tunings more stable. Advanced tuners will say "I wish I had known that 20 (or 30 or 40) years ago."

(E) Regulating: A Part of Everyday Service
Ryan Sowers, RPT, Puget Sound, WA Chapter
Often regulating is sold as a line item. It should be part of the ongoing service of everyday pianos. 10-15-hour regulations are often impractical and unnecessary. This class will inspire you to make regulating a part of your service routine as you boost your reputation, your income, and your clients’ piano playing experience.

KEY:  (E) Everyone   (B) Basic Level
(I) Intermediate Level   (A) Advanced Level