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    I held my fork in my mouth for decades with no problems. The flat tail of a Sheffield fork holds well in teeth. My favorite fork is a C that is well balanced with a loud tone and was slightly sharp.  ...

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    Michael, correct. With regard to using the Kong Harmonic tuner: simply set it to generate A440, and you will hear a 3-4 beat per second difference between the piano's slightly sharp (due to inharmonicity) ...

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    Just FYI, when I was using a tuning fork, I was warned to not hold it in my teeth because it could crack them, but I REALLY like holding it in my teeth. Someone else showed me you can cover the base of ...

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Jim Fariss

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It's Our Ship

By Jim Fariss, RPT, PTG Vice President

My, how our perspective changes when we move out of familiar territory or our comfort zone. In September of last year, my young bride and I took a riverboat cruise up the Mississippi, starting in New Orleans, ending in Memphis. Most of the passengers were of a certain age group, let’s just say in the Medicare category. I’m one of those, thank you very much, as is nearly half our membership. 


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