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    Scott, I wrote a short PTJ article a few years ago describing how I have turned bass strings for over 30 years. I untwist them several turns, then give them an extra full or half twist and reinstall ...

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    Some questions please: 1) You have scrupulously checked all glue joints in the vicinity of the bass bridge...yes? 2) Have you removed one string (for example), checked for twist in the appropriate direction...if ...

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    Hello Scott, A revelation indeed. Something so easy. Peter ------------------------------ Petrus Janssen Peachtree City GA (678) 416-8055 ------------------------------

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David Stoneman

From Your Board of Directors

It's Time to Commune

By David Stoneman
PTG Secretary-Treasurer

It’s August, and those of us who can afford the time, travel, and registration are almost certainly at the PTG’s biggest annual get-together, the 2022 Convention and Technical Institute. Here we have the opportunity to converse — not the usual course for us, we fortunate few who practice this avocation.

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