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    On Amazon they call them square recess drivers. Lots of offerings, nice Klein set. Jon, what size do you use for actions? ------------------------------ Steven Rosenthal Honolulu HI 808-521-7129 --- ...

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    A square drive tip is imperative to have. I purchased a 6" shaft w/ hex drive for a drill. I cut off the hex portion and angled the end to fit my combo handle. I ground the tip to produce a 'ball-end' ...

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    Here is a better scan of the dimensions page. ------------------------------ Floyd Gadd Regina SK 306-502-9103 ------------------------------

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Challenging Our Exams as a Learning Tool

Paul Adams, RPT
PTG President

Okay, let’s be honest. Our Registered Piano Technician (RPT) exams are challenging. They are meant to be so in order to verify a significant set of baseline skills that will assure your clients will receive proper service.


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