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    The hole is used for punching out center pins of sluggish flanges with a center pin punch and small hammer.Good idea as an angle tool. Thanks. ------------------------------ Lim Hock Seng Piano technician ...

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    We jumped ship and pulled the pins. Turns out, as I surmised, the block was not only screwed with two quite large screws to the rim, accessible only underneath the plate, but there was also a tuning pin ...

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    I haven't had luck trying to reach Joe via his email. You might try giving him a phone call. ------------------------------ Patrick Draine Billerica MA 978-663-9690 ------------------------------

Executive Outlook


It May Be Unconventional

Paul Adams, RPT
PTG President

We are all doing our level best to ensure that another year does not go by without a PTG annual convention. While composing this message in January for the March issue of the Journal, it is too early to know exactly how we are going to proceed. Much is still up in the air due to the pandemic. I do know one thing: 2021 will include a major educational event for our members in one form or another.


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