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    David, Just finished assisting a colleague on a Hamburg B from 1968. It had an action-mounted sostenuto, much to my surprise, as I was unaware they had ever done it this way. In the course of our inquiries ...

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    I believed it to be in the PDF to which I've linked. I'll try attaching it here. However, having spent rather too much of a day last week searching for the needle in the haystack it's quite possible that ...

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    The paraffin we get today is a pretty pure substance, seemingly nonreactive. I wonder if what they used then had some impurities. The wiki article on paraffin wax says stearic acid was added to raise the ...

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Paul Brown, RPT
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We have many talented members in our organization. Unfortunately, few members fill out their profiles on the PTG website. Everyone has a right to privacy, and it is a personal decision. A quick search of member data from those who post to discussions shows that there are engineers, programmers, graphic designers, photographers, piano teachers, performers and woodworkers in our organization. 


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