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    Further to Jon, This is very much a learning project.  This piano represents the first time I have moved a capstan line, the first time I have used veneer to shim the balance rail, the first time I have ...

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    Thanks, Jon. This piano is a warm-up to the next three, all of which will be subject to a great deal more scrutiny by users. Floyd ------------------------------ Floyd Gadd Regina SK 306-502-9103 - ...

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    I would set an even hammer line, which may not be parallel to the key bed due to string height. (The next tech might not understand the reason for the erratic setting). L/O is set consistently even. Adjust ...

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Executive Outlook

Participation is Paramount

Paul Adams, RPT
PTG President

In a list of the top ten reasons why an organization or association fails, lack of participation is inscribed on lines one through ten. I don’t mean for this to sound disparaging in any way. Many organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain dedicated volunteers. We have all benefited and been inspired by many of our members over many decades. Having said that, there can come a point known as burn-out. We need fresh blood!


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