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    RE: CAUT Forum follow-up

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    Alan, thanks for writing this. As one of the many CAUTs who are in a "more work than time" situation, I believe (and have told my admins from the time I interviewed for the job nearly nine years ago) that ...

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    There is a lot of moldiness on the walls. Drying with electric heaters does not give any result since there is no full ventilation. Humid air should be removed, and dry come regularly. In my opinion, the ...

  • Posted in: Pianotech

    Thank you Jon on the tip about pins from Pianotek. Are they noted differently in sizing, or do they carry standard name sizes, but simply measure slightly larger on the micrometer? ------Original Message------ ...

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Executive Outlook

Don’t be Afraid of the Future

Paul Brown, RPT
PTG President

It is time for me to pass the gavel to my successor, either Paul Adams or Larry Messerly. I can hardly believe that two years have gone by. Being on the board of directors certainly requires a substantial time commitment. Going one level higher to the executive committee requires a level of dedication that you’d better think twice on before accepting.


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