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  • Posted in: CAUT

    Hi Scott: You have to analyze the whole system, like the relationship between the key dip and blow distance.  If the pedal doesn't move down far enough, there won't be enough movement/travel of the rail.  ...

  • Posted in: PTG-L

    I don't know exactly where to post this but I want to just say, that it seems that mutual respect and professionalism are the real issues. Not race nor gender nor safe spaces nor pronouns. Putting aside ...

  • Posted in: Pianotech

    Hi all, I've adjusted many practice mute systems, but I ran into one today that stumped me. It's a 1980 U1. The customer reported a key was stuck down, and I saw some hammers were getting stuck on the ...

Executive Outlook
Marc Poulin

From Your Board of Directors
Burnout, Servant Leadership,
and Getting Out of Your

Comfort Zone

By Marc Poulin, RPT, PTG President

Burnout. It’s a nasty thing, but it’s all too real in these days of irregular work schedules, lack of work/ life balance, or not taking enough personal time for your own mental health.

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