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    Just experienced my first intermission applause after trying to fix a pedal on a S brand D. I'll tell you my mistake at the end. I was not the tech preparing the pianos but he was not there and the stage ...

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    Paul, Another thing to consider is that the brass will transmit vibrational energy better (the piano’s first contact with anything other than itself is the floor,) and rubber casters will absorb more of ...

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    Whatever the problem is...lead is always the solution. 🤡 We should all know that by now! Pwg ------------------------------ Peter Grey Stratham NH 603-686-2395 pianodoctor57@gmail.com ------------ ...

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The 2019 PTG Convention – Tucson, Arizona

Paul Brown, RPT
PTG President

Plan early to attend this year’s PTG convention from July 10-13, in Tucson Arizona at the JW Marriott Tucson Star Pass Resort & Spa. The location is about 12 miles from Tucson International Airport. Check out the airport transfers website called “Rome2Rio.” It is a transportation search engine that lists many options for getting to the resort and can be found at <https://tinyurl.com/yd69h22a>.


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