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    Kent, thanks so much. Great advice.  I probably exadurated a bit when I said whacked. I just knew it needed significant pitch correction-primarily in the bottom half.  This is all great information. Things ...

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    James, Thank you!  It clearly answers the paraffin question.  Where did you find this?  It's great!  Contains the subtle hint that their pianos will keep on singing even without regular maintenance.  ...

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    Thank you for that.  I've downloaded it for the guys.  It possibly helps explain things. ------------------------------ Ted Rohde Central Illinois ------------------------------

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PTG Members' Hidden Talents

Paul Brown, RPT
PTG President

We have many talented members in our organization. Unfortunately, few members fill out their profiles on the PTG website. Everyone has a right to privacy, and it is a personal decision. A quick search of member data from those who post to discussions shows that there are engineers, programmers, graphic designers, photographers, piano teachers, performers and woodworkers in our organization. 


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