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    Since the company no longer repairs or supplies drive units for the PDS-128 (uses floppy disks), I'm hoping there might be someone out there in pianotech world that has a functioning one they've taken ...

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    Probably dreaded expanding brackets. See if adjusting the glides can get you a fraction of an inch. ------------------------------ Susan Kline Philomath, Oregon ------------------------------

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    There was that priceless Hitchcock comedy, "The Trouble with Harry" ......... ------------------------------ Susan Kline Philomath, Oregon ------------------------------

Executive Outlook

Paul Adams, RPT
PTG President

Many of you were not present in Tucson when our new long-range plan was introduced. Following is a brief explanation/overview focusing on “seeing the forest for the trees.”

Six strategic initiatives (SIs) are in our plan. These were the result of a brainstorming session that took place during a two-day planning meeting at the home office prior to the usual winter board meeting. We developed the following list:


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