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    It was probably the wood that was treated, but the treatment would wick into the bushing cloth eventually. Any treated wood that is in contact with brass (or copper) would eventually turn the brass green. ...

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    Karl - the sentiment you express is exactly why the PTG is, as far as the UK is concerned with no remaining piano manufacturers, the most important source of English speaking expertise. There are many ...

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    I always over bush the mortices and iron size the felt after installation. This densifies and smooths the felt so you can have zero play at the BR and almost none at the FR. I also install teflon heat ...

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Challenging Our Exams as a Learning Tool

Paul Adams, RPT
PTG President

Okay, let’s be honest. Our Registered Piano Technician (RPT) exams are challenging. They are meant to be so in order to verify a significant set of baseline skills that will assure your clients will receive proper service.


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