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    Query ------------------------------ Martin Snow South Burlington VT 617-543-1030 ------------------------------

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    RE: What's it for

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    Is this a quiz or a query? :-) ------------------------------ Floyd Gadd Regina SK 306-502-9103 ------------------------------

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    Well this brings us back to lack of clear standards: I was taught that there should be slight hammer rise after escapement (when a key is played slowly so as not to check) as a sign of adequate aftertouch. ...

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Executive Outlook

David Stoneman

The First Four Words

By David Stoneman, RPT
PTG Secretary-Treasurer

The first four words of the Piano Technicians Guild’s Code of Ethics are: “I will act honorably.” In an ethics code, what more really needs to be said?

After this are found follow-up points that help to illuminate specifically what these first four words mean for someone in our industry. The additional wording also acts to make certain that we can find consensus, codify our understanding of honor and how it will manifest itself in our day-to-day actions as professionals who interact with the public. Simple, no?


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