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    Hi Richard, My sequence was published in one of the Journals, but here it is again. 1. Tune A4 from ETD. If off by more than 4 cents overpull/underpull by 25%. (I use this sequence for pitch raises as ...

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    RE: Resolution

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    I agree with your sentiment Richard.  However, I have some reservations. Because I want there to be an ETD only exam, this resolution would impede that. I also want an aural only exam to be added. Two ...

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    So I'm pretty certain that what I'm looking for is paper based phenolic sheet.  I just put in an order with mcmaster.com for three 24"x24"sheets of brown "Garolite XX" in 1/32",1/16", & 1/8"  price without ...

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Let’s Try Something New

Paul Adams, RPT
PTG President

Well, it’s a brand-new year. We all fall into familiar patterns in all aspects of our lives. While change is often perceived as loss, I maintain that an effort to pursue a different path can be very rewarding. A new challenge of any type can produce a refreshing experience. I am not referring to major New Year’s resolutions that quickly dissolve into the ether. Here are just a few suggestions:


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