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    Hi Laura Most soundboards are finished in shellac. I use denatured alcohol and lots of old rags to remove the old finish. Use a chisel or screwdriver covered in an alcohol soaked rag to  get in all the ...

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    I've only done it twice but advice I received was no sandpaper, cabinet scraper and sharp chisel for hard to reach spots. ------------------------------ Larry Messerly, RPT Bringing Harmony to Homes www.lacrossepianotuning.com ...

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    Hello all,   I'm looking for advice on an efficient and effective way to prepare an old soundboard for refinishing, i.e. sanding methods, etc.  I've done several in the past, and I've never been completely ...

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Executive Outlook

Expense or Investment?

Paul Adams, RPT
PTG President

Over the history of the PTG, your annual dues have roughly been the equivalent of 2.5 tuning fees when adjusted for inflation. A tremendous amount of good has been accomplished with this investment in our organization. Please do not consider these dues to be an expense, even though it is a tax-deductible item for your business.


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