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    that is not uncommon or limited to just story and clark .the best way to find the cut out is to lift up lightly as you slide the music desk back and forth to find the relief cut. i have run into many pianos ...

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    Yep, a master key is a number one priority. Lack of aftertouch is very common. With uprights, do measure the blow. The hammer rest felt compresses behind each shank, and the felt that is between the ...

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    Hello all. Forty-six tunings done as the end of the third week approaches. Number 43 was a Steinway L in which the first string breakage was had. Spliced it. The lyre supports were also unattached for ...

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PTG Members' Hidden Talents

Paul Brown, RPT
PTG President

We have many talented members in our organization. Unfortunately, few members fill out their profiles on the PTG website. Everyone has a right to privacy, and it is a personal decision. A quick search of member data from those who post to discussions shows that there are engineers, programmers, graphic designers, photographers, piano teachers, performers and woodworkers in our organization. 


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