Online Communication Rules

By using the PTG online discussion forums, you are agreeing to abide by the Guidelines for Online Participation outlined below. These rules will be enforced in order to maintain a friendly, positive and welcoming discussion environment.

Guidelines for Online Participation:

1. Follow the Code of Conduct:

The PTG Code of Conduct  includes more specific information about what is considered appropriate when posting on PTG discussion forums. Non Members are our valued guests, but will also be expected to abide by the same standards. All subscribers must agree to uphold the Code of Conduct and these Guidelines for Online Participation in order to participate.

2. Be Respectful:

Our online communications should display the same manners and respect that we would expect if we were speaking to each other in person at chapter meetings or events. It is okay to disagree or share different opinions, but it is not okay to use rudeness when responding to others. Disrespectful behavior, insults, threats and other abusive forms of communication will not be tolerated.

3. Be Helpful:

PTG’s technical forums can be a very valuable source of learning for technicians at every level, but especially for beginners. Please remember that everyone started out as a beginner, and seemingly obvious questions are not so obvious to those with less experience. Please make an effort to make newer technicians feel welcome, and remember that questions from new technicians often spark the most valuable discussions.

4. Be On Topic:

Some discussions will occasionally stray from topic, but please make an effort to limit off-topic posts. When a large number of messages are posted that have no relevance to the forum or topic, this makes the discussion less valuable to those who are trying to keep up with the relevant material. Before submitting any post, it’s best to ask the question, “Am I adding anything of value to this discussion?”

5. No Spamming:

Using the forums for advertising products or services is prohibited. In technical discussions, the mention of products is inevitable, and it may be appropriate for a vendor to respond to a discussion to provide clarifying information, but vendors should use discretion in those communications to avoid using the forum for promotional purposes.

6. Observe Antitrust Policies:

All members should be familiar with PTG's Antitrust Guidelines and abide by them when posting information.

7. Reporting a Violation:

Use of the "Mark as Inappropriate" button is taken seriously, and the complaint will be investigated. While it is your right, it is also your responsibility to use the system appropriately. If a posted message violates the Guidelines for Online Participation, users can notify the IT department by clicking the "Mark as Inappropriate" button. The message will be reviewed in context, and if the rules appear to be intentionally violated by the author, that individual will be given a warning. Continued offenses will result in a suspension of access to the forums.