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  • 1.  Softening hard grand damper felts

    Posted 07-17-2012 16:45
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    Has anyone solved the problem of hard damper felts in a grand? Ideally without having to remove the damper. The problem is when the key is released but the strings buzz when the damper felt comes back into contact with the strings.

    Michael Gamble
    semi retired

  • 2.  RE:Softening hard grand damper felts

    Posted 07-17-2012 17:09

    Outside of removing the damper so as to have full access to the felt, you can use a small sliver of 600 or more grit sandpaper and carefully slide it between the strings sanding just the tapered contact point if it is a bichord or trichord.  With a flat, you will need to sand from underneath the felt.  This will sand away any oxidized contaminants from the string onto the damper felt.  You can also use a single needle tool if you can carefully get to the crusted points while the damper is suspended (press key down and hold). This is trickier and for all basic purposes is temporary.  Good luck!

    Andrew Saderman
    Forest Hills NY