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  • 1.  Rapidvoicer.com?LOL!

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 12-07-2012 01:05
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    I just noticed this site advertised in the latest PTG Journal. Looks like some quick & dirty voicing tools sold at a premium. The videos did not impress me very much with the so-called improvement. 

    From the look of the tools, I imagine one of the techniques is to scratch with a dental tool in the string grooves to reduce some of the stridency in the tone. Of course you can buy a dental scraper for a few bucks at Harbor Freight. 

    He doesn't disclose very much about how this revolutionary system works - I guess you have to pay $150 for the webinar to find out. Hmmmm....

    I'd be curious at what others make of this - 


    Ryan Sowers
    Olympia WA

  • 2.  Rapidvoicer.com?LOL!

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 12-07-2012 06:53
    Greetings, I didn't care for the sideways use of the PTG's credibility. Don't know if there is a law against saying "As seen in the PTG Journal" but it was a blatant attempt to link the product with us. And, of course, the implication that the tool is all that is needed to be a good voicer reminds me of the time that a late-night TV ad convinced me that with the HomeTrim system, I could to save money on family haircuts.... Ed Foote RPT http://www.piano-tuners.org/edfoote/well_tempered_piano.html

  • 3.  RE:Rapidvoicer.com?LOL!

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 12-07-2012 13:09
    Hi Ryan,

    Jack is a dear friend and gave me the tool last summer. I use it to scrape wood, clean out spring holes, etc. but would never use it for voicing. It is m eant to be poked into the crown like a glovers needle...


    James Busby
    Mt Pleasant UT