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Weak Bass end Story and Clark 1980's Console

  • 1.  Weak Bass end Story and Clark 1980's Console

    Posted 10-15-2014 12:34
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    I am working on a Story and Clark console that is going to be used more after having been idle for a bit. After two pitch raises and a fine tuning it was 100 percent better except that the bass end from AO to E3 is weak when the damper pedal is down. Individually the notes in the bass sound louder but once the damper pedal is down and all the dampers are lifted the entire bass seems thin . I checked the hammer blow an it is 44 mm and the regulation is not too bad although Letoff is a little off. I am thinking the hammers got voiced down but perhaps are overvoiced /needled . All I know is the piano is used for a lot of Gospel music so maybe the life has been pounded out of them. They do have some string cuts and flat spots on the crown. Two of the single unison bass strings F 2 and G2 are single wound universals with single wrap windings and. They are also much smaller than the neighbors. They seem to be doing okay but seem to me that they should be replaced with the correct size custom strings. The pianist had left before I was done and I. Need to make recommendations .I am thinking I should use some hardener and start at AO to A1 to see if it changes things. F3 on up is louder for sure but when the piano is played with notes in the bass section and the pedal is down it does not sound good at all. I have never heard this in S & C consoles or any others for that matter. I have heard overvoiced grands where the hammers sound like stuffed animals hitting the strings. I have some Pianotek hammer hardener so should I try it ? ------------------------------------------- James Kelly Pawleys Island SC 843-325-4357 -------------------------------------------