• 1.  Piano Life Saver....undercover

    Posted 10-22-2019 14:52
    Have you  found that installing the fabric undercover to the DC systems has been worthwhile  or rather has it  substantially  improved efficiency of the system ?   martin.

    Martin Snow
    South Burlington VT

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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 10-22-2019 15:31
    I'm jumping on this one. I won't install them on grands without an undercover anymore. I can't remember when I first started installing them, but they made a big difference at our college. Once, I was going to check the pads/wicks on a system in a church and the humidity was high that day. When I opened up a crack in the undercover I was shocked at how much heat came out. It definitely holds the heat in, dehumidifying the piano instead of the room. I've never taken measurements on anything, but that might be worth doing, particularly when the humidifier is on. I'm now curious. If I do take some measurements over time, I'll let you know. I'd have to take an undercover off a piano to compare, though, and am not inclined to do that. As far as uprights, I've never tried one. No scientific data here, just my experience, but I think the heat they hold is worth noting.

    I've gotten good at installing them to look very smooth & have put them in for other techs who hate working with them. When I taught our chapter how I install them, I got some good pictures for a slide show but haven't taking the time to make the video yet. If I do that soon, I'll post it.

    Curious to see what others have to say...?

    Maggie Jusiel
    Athens, WV

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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 10-23-2019 08:52
    I completely agree with you Maggie. The under covers make a HUGE difference. I'm very interested in seeing what you put together, if you do find the time. Best!

    Kevin Fortenberry
    Registered Piano Technician
    Temple, Texas

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    Posted 10-23-2019 10:19
    On grands, I only install with an undercover as well. On my own piano, DC with floor length breathable arty cover(no undercover in this case). Piano is extremely stable.

    The purpose of the undercover or floor length cover, is to slow down air movement (drafts). Actually, since what the DC is doing is trying to influence the few molecules thick "barrier layer" of air next to the soundboard, slowing air movement makes a lot of sense. The micro climate we need, to have effective DC performance, doesn't have a hope of happening if the air is constantly changing in the piano.

    Its the same with heating or cooling the house, the bigest bang for the buck will come from cutting down air exchanges (drafts). Insulation only really starts performing well when the drafts are cut way way down.

    Jim Ialeggio
    Shirley, MA
    978 425-9026

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    Posted 10-23-2019 11:10
    Thanks Jim,, worded very nicely. 
    effective DC performance, doesn't have a hope of happening if the air is constantly changing in the piano. 

    We used to use a cigarette to chase down drafts in a house. Now I use a stick of incense. Follow the smoke. 

    Anybody else use Moisture King?

    Keith Roberts
    Hathaway Pines CA

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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 05-08-2023 08:36

    I'm resurrecting this old thread to ask a question.

    In an effort to reap the benefits touted above I ordered a slew of under/back covers to install on pianos with existing DC systems. However, I see from the instructions that "the cover will not easily fit over a 48" rod" which of course is what I have in all the grands here. Has anyone tried shortening a DC rod? Any other ideas?

    John Pope
    University of Kentucky School of Music
    Lexington, KY