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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 05-13-2022 19:20
    I recently acquired some PFPE (a.k.a. Fomblin) from Supply88.  I am currently very impressed with it as a center pin lubricant.

    Well...I got to thinking that if it works this well on cloth bushings, I wonder if it might just work on tight SS Teflon bushings eliminating the need to ream and re-pin under certain circumstances (such as when complete replacement is just not an affordable option).

    I had a couple of assemblies in the drawer which happened to be moderately tight. I applied a drop to the outside of each bushing, and then a drop in between the "birds-eye" region on each side of the flange tongue. VERY IMPRESSIVE improvement in both cases.

    Has anyone else tried this and have any data on how long it might last? I am interested in what others have found over time wherever they have used it.

    BTW, since this stuff does "travel" (according to the manufacturer) it is not recommended for anything near strings or tuning pins. Thus, limited to action bushings.

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    Peter Grey
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