High treble speaking length

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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 05-07-2022 20:18
    I will be recapping a portion of the upper high treble in a 1905 Steinway K. The last few unisons are so garbled at the front bridge termination that I found it difficult to get a good measurement. I’m posting the measurements below, if anyone would kindly opine whether they might be reasonable enough to expect tunability for the pitches those notes? Or any advice on where I might direct my research to find the scale for that piano?

    Note mm speaking length
    78. 84
    79. 80
    80. 76
    81. 71
    82. 67.5
    83. 63.5
    84. 60
    85. 57
    86. 54.5
    87. 52
    88. 50.5

    And another question about locating the side to side position for the front and back bridge pins. If for example, one were to lay out a new pin pattern on a redesigned bridge, how would one do that? Begin with a straight course from the middle tuning pin, string exit side, to the corresponding hitch pin side for that string? And mark for front and rear bridge pin on either side of that straight path from tuning pin to hitch pin?

    And how does one determine adequate but not excessive lateral stagger between front and rear bridge pins? I thought I had read that the angle of the bridge pins in opposing directions will create enough stagger, but exactly where to locate the holes in relation to the string path (and loop back to question of how to determine the string path.)

    I hope my questions aren’t as garbled as those last few unison terminations.

    Thanks in advance.

    Joe Wiencek