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2nd call for your spare parts list

  • 1.  2nd call for your spare parts list

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 12-12-2021 15:44

    Holiday Greetings all,

    Back in September, I asked for your spare parts list for our What to Buy series. March's installment will cover commonly carried spare parts, so here's one more chance to participate. There's no set number--it could be your top 5, 10--whatever you use frequently. The basic question is what parts a beginner should acquire. Just mention what you frequently use.

    So far I have contributions from these members:
    Carl Lieberman
    Terrence Farrell
    Paul McCloud
    Paul Klaus
    David Nereson
    Jeffrey Gegner
    Larry Messerly

    Thanks for your input! The lists submitted above have been edited to leave out parts and supplies already covered (or to be covered in January and February, as you'll soon see). These covered items include:
    • Music wire
    • Felt, paper, and cardboard punchings
    • Shanks for vertical and spinets
    • Center pins and bushing felt
    • Agraffes

    If you'd like to respond with your on-the-road spare parts list and have not already done so, we'd love to include it.


    Scott Cole, RPT
    Talent, OR