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    Posted 06-25-2020 11:32
    Looking for things to spend my money on, I came across this tool in an old Schaff piano supply catalog I keep on the shelf (I still like perusing through paper catalogs).  When I went to order, I found out it is no longer carried by Schaff.  I contacted them about it, they said it was discontinued in 2017 due to supplier problems.  After reading so many positive comments about  this tool it seems a shame that it is not available anymore.  If I can get ahold of the plans for making the device I might be able to talk my next-door neighbor to get his engineering/machining company to make enough to satisfy Schaff.  Any info would be appreciated.

    Neil Vanderschaaf
    Round Rock TX

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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 06-25-2020 11:54

    Did you try Pianotek?


    Love mine!


    Best of luck


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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 06-25-2020 13:49
    The reason they discontinued the Insta-coiler is probably because they changed how they machined the socket that fits over the pin.  The original socket was somewhat rounded on the corners.  They changed the design to square corners I was told by the Schaff administration to lower manufacturing costs.  The square corner weakened the strength of the corner and caused the corner to crack.  When that happened the socket would flex, expand, bind in the barrel and make the entire tool useless.

    So, I took the socket to an industrial machine shop for computer parts and had them redesign the socket so the corners were rounded but would still fit over the pin correctly.  The redesign worked perfectly.  I had about twenty sockets made and sold them for about $150 each so I could cover my costs and do a favor for others.  I sold all but two.  Schaff asked me to supply them with sockets, but there is no way a large enough run could be made to get a price point low enough for them to sell a tool for stringing. 

    The biggest obstacle was the vocal technicians who berated the tool for whatever reason.  So, now a very fine tool that requires special machining has gone by the wayside.  I have two that I will not sell to anyone.  I will never string a piano any other way. 

    Your best bet for locating one is finding a very old one or one of the technicians I sold new sockets to.  I don't have my records as to who those people are anymore.

    Tim Coates
    Sioux Falls SD

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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 06-25-2020 17:37
    I actually have one which I never used hardly at all because it was so much easier just to use a tuning pin.  I'd be happy to sell it to anyone who might want it.
    There's something else I'd like to bring up:  Is there a place on the site to buy and sell used tools, especially rebuilding tools?
    Allan Cate

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    Posted 06-26-2020 06:55

    Tools & Parts: Buy, Sell, Exchange  

    Ed Sutton
    (980) 254-7413

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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 10-02-2021 15:13
    Do you still have this stringing tool? If, so, I'm interested in buying it. How much would you like for it?

    Jeannie Grassi, RPT
    Bainbridge Island, WA

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    Posted 11 days ago

    Hi Allan, I have terrible CMC joint arthritis, and would love to find one of these, if you still have it...my number is 954-551-8464.  Jessica

    Jessica Shoemaker
    Fort Lauderdale FL
    (954) 551-8464

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    Posted 11 days ago
    It is currently listed on Schaff's catalogue No.122...

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    Posted 11 days ago
    Everyone says it's discontinued.  I don't have a Shaff account, but will call.  

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    Posted 06-26-2020 02:31
    It does seem a shame but to no surprise that the best things in life won't stand the test of time. We will never have supreme pianos, supreme tools, materials, supplies, methods, etc. as the best things of the best will slip away into silence. Hmm.
    Cool tool though, but for how often I do restringing I'll have to pass. Wouldn't mind having my hands on one, but no room in the tool bag.

    Cobrun Sells