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    Posted 08-01-2022 21:39
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    Like glue, we often waste more lube that we actually put to good use. I've been looking for a more efficient way to apply lube to the understring felt. I'd been dipping a 1/2" chip brush into the lube and applying it that way. 
    I discovered these empty felt tip pen applicators used in graphic arts on Amazon, they are refillable and have a pump action spring that keeps the felt tip loaded. 
    I found two manufacturers, Montana and Molotow, both made in Germany. I ordered one of each, they are under $10, the Montana has 10mm tip which turns out to be just right, and the Molotow that is 8mm and would have worked fine. But as it turns out on the Molotow there's something in the Protek that freezes the pump action so it was a no go, I'm going to try it in my shop with acetone for Ca cleanup.
    But I've been using the Montana pen for a month now and it is working great, hasn't leaked a drop in my kit and is easy to control on the strings. You can't reach under the capo bar if you want to treat that but I daub it on the chip brush, it seems to work okay on the agraffs but the brush might be a little easier. I'm probably using half the lube I was before having eliminated the wastage soaking into the understring felt where it's not needed. 
    I really haven't found a downside and it also eliminates the stress of having an open container of lube anywhere near the tuning pins.

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    Posted 08-03-2022 12:00
    I use a Hypo-Oiler with CBL.


    Jon Page

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    Posted 08-03-2022 13:36
    Not sure it would work but there are bottles like this used to apply water on envelope glues or water activated tapes and they are a lot cheaper.Probably office depot or a good stationary supply house can hook you up

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