Desperately Seeking… a Set of WN&G Perimeter Bolts

  • 1.  Desperately Seeking… a Set of WN&G Perimeter Bolts

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 03-28-2024 17:33

    The N.H. Chapter was ready to install a set of these in our Chapter Project ( a 100+ y-o Steinert 6'10.5"). R.P.T. Will Truitt ordered a set a couple of weeks ago, for a work day this weekend. Now, after checking with WN&G, it's not even clear they'd be there for our regular 2d-Monday meeting day.

    Does anyone have an extra set, on the shelf for some unknown next use, that they could spare? We'd have our set, back-ordered, drop-shipped to you when it's available, sent to you as the replacement.

    You'd make a couple of chapter members very happy.

    Last month, Peter Grey brushes on the epoxy coat while Will enjoys the  coveted ("Hey, you…) Mr. Spot appointment.

    William Ballard RPT
    Saxtons River VT

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