• 1.  Innovation still happens

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    Posted 11-28-2023 10:53

    Coming soon to Carnegie Hall


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    Posted 11-28-2023 13:25

    For those who can't access the Times article:


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    Posted 11-28-2023 15:06

    It's actually not an innovation. It's been done before, a little over a hundred years  ago. I saw a pic of one in a museum somewhere, just can't remember where.

    It didn't quite catch on then.


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    Posted 11-28-2023 21:02

    I too have seen a picture of a circular keyboard. It is in one of my piano reference books I will have to hunt down. Pedal pianos go way back as well. Straight strung grands are around such as the Altenburg Grand that I think was made by Cunningham in Philadelphia

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