Instrument Workshop for sale

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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 01-24-2023 12:20
    Years ago The Instrument Workshop was the "go to" place for harpsichord supplies.
    It has had it's ups and downs since the death of the founder.
    Late last year the new owners of the Instrument Workshop announced that due to illnesses they would cease to operate the business.

    Perhaps (and I do say perhaps) this could be a nice opportunity for the right person to take over the business.
    It would probably be essential to have space rent free to stock and run the little business.

    The website is still up at <>

    Particularly sweet is the stock of delrin in many thicknesses, which greatly facilitates voicing harpsichords.
    I understand the business includes a rolling device to create the delrin.

    If anyone is interested, I may be able to facilitate contact with the owners.

    Ed Sutton

    Ed Sutton
    (980) 254-7413