• 1.  Kawai hammer butt felt replacement

    Posted 17 days ago

    I have a music teacher that has a Kawai BS-A1 from 1992.  It is having issues with the  jack not returning to rest.  I pulled the major culprit hmr out and the leather is very worn and has a step in it.  It's so thin I was afraid to try to file it for fear of going through the leather/ecscaine.  We tried teflon and a finger nail file but it didn't resolve the issue.  It needs to be re-felted or the hammer butts need to be replaced.  My questions... replace the leather and the red cushion felt underneath? replace the hmr butt and rehang hammers? How much time to allot for replacing leather and is there someone that sells pre-cut pieces? Hide glue? pitfalls to watch for?  according to the 2 references I have for labor time frames, it varies from 3-5 hrs depending on whether I'm replacing the red underfelt or not.

    Les Koltvedt
    Marietta GA

  • 2.  RE: Kawai hammer butt felt replacement

    Posted 16 days ago

    Replacing the butt leather is a very viable option.  I have had good results.  Several Journal articles have given very practical advice.  I've just reviewed Bill Spurlock's article in the December 1991 journal, but I see others listed that I anticipate would be excellent -- Rappaport in January 1981, Don Valley in February 1996, and Chuck Behm in May, June and August 2016.

    I have not typically replaced the cloth under the leather, but you'll have to evaluate what lies in front of you.  I have used a piano cloth guillotine to cut my own leather pieces, but precut might be available, especially given the number of Baldwins that had the Corfam issue.

    Floyd Gadd RPT
    Regina SK
    (306) 502-9103