• 1.  Looking for resources

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 12-22-2022 11:13
    Hi all. Discussions at Northern Illinois University have begun to set up a series of courses in piano tuning/ piano technology, beginning in September 2023.
    I would love to hear from any of you concerning resources and strategies that have worked to get new technicians to the point they can pass the PTG exams. It has been awhile since I had any students here, and it was a very and hoc/ independent study arrangement. This will be set up as a two year program, with students hopefully coming either as a student at large if they are not pursuing a degree, or earning a BA in Music if they can be here for four years. It will not really be targeted at music majors, though they will be able to take the classes if their schedule and faculty advisor allow it.
    There is clearly a need around the country for more technicians, especially for concert and institutional work, and I hope I can get a solid program started here, hopefully to continue after I retire ( whenever that happens.) 
    I am also anticipating a possible third year for students wishing to delve further into piano work, where they would maybe work with other techs for a month or so, learning, for instance, case repair, work in a rebuilding shop, hopefully take advantage of advanced tech programs like Kawai's Shigeru training or Yamaha's Concert Prep, or Steinway's training at the factory.
    Any and all ideas/thoughts/ connections will be appreciated. 

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  • 2.  RE: Looking for resources

    Posted 01-03-2023 10:10
    There are many resources within PTG to explore for studying for the exams. You may want to check with some of the existing training programs advertised in the back of the PTG Journal. I believe this issue has been a topic in the past and PTG has been improving its educational materials including things like the playground, educational videos, zoom meetings etc.  You may want to contact Ann Goree (Garee?) who had a Masters Degree Program at Florida State although I believe she retired. Perhaps you should work closely with all of the PTG Chapters in your region to brainstorm. Anyone that is serious about being a technician should be encouraged to join PTG and attend conventions, meetings, technicals. There is no easy way to cram for the exams and being a good technician requires life long learning, dedication and motivation to excel.

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