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    Posted 28 days ago

    Hello All.

    I'm reposting this because nothing has changed in Reno.  Also, in case an interested party missed it last time.

    I wanted to put the word out that the Reno NV area is in need of concert
    experienced piano technicians. 3 people have recently retired leaving a
    big void. Right now I'm the only willing and/or able to deal with
    performance tunings. I'm having to travel out of town to cover concerts
    that were planned, but their tuner moved to Utah. And two others have
    left. Everyone else isn't ready, like our several apprentices, or has
    stage fright and won't do it.  I'm starting to talk about this on the
    CAUT forum first because I assume since you are at a college or
    university you've had experience working for touring artists. Maybe one
    of you needs a change of scenery and Reno would be a good fit.

    Right now I'm working for the university, 2 orchestras, 2 chamber music
    festivals, and a summer seasonal orchestra near here. Not to mention
    the showrooms of the casinos and the local Steinway store.  Many of my
    clients are orchestra members so there is a strong personal community
    connection with a lot of them. I personally would love to have someone
    around who I could call to sub for me if I got sick or something, or
    just to send work to that I can't get to. I know moving is tough these
    days, so that might be a problem. Also, the market here is as wealthy
    as some other places like San Francisco or Boston, so income is rather
    modest. It's partly the area that you a living in that is rewarding.
    Work is steady though.

    You can contact me by replying to sender on the forum and we can talk.

    Thanks very much.

    Robert Callaghan RPT

    Reno NV

    Robert Callaghan RPT
    Reno NV
    (775) 287-2140