Pratt/Read Stwy Back Action

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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 02-18-2023 08:31

    Is the only problem with the Pratt/Read back actions is the height of the tray pivot (leading to lever ends too low in their inclination to the key end felt)? If so, wouldn't relocating the pivot at the correct height be a simple matter?

    Or were there other problems with the P/R back actions, such as the leverage of the levers themselves (flange-center-to-post-center vs.flange-center-to-lever-end). And of course, the knives of P/R's milling machines not doing as smooth finished cut as Renner's.

    So, can someone quote me the height of the tray pivot center on Stwy's current back action?


    William Ballard RPT
    Saxtons River VT

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