• 1.  PTG study materials

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 05-21-2023 16:40

    Our chapter is offering to buy study materials for our new members, those that are beginners or very new to PTG. I am curious about how these materials compare to each other. I have gotten opinions from a few folks, but, for example, I only know that PACE lessons include both repairs and regulation, and have been updated. How do they compare to the exam test prep materials?
    I have seen and like the regulation handbooks. How do they compare to the test prep materials or PACE lessons?

    Our new beginners run the gamut, and we want to offer them something they can really benefit from. Of course they can use the other resources offered, this is just a benefit we hope will help them further. 

    Thanks for any opinions.

    Cindy Strehlow, RPT
    Urbana, IL

  • 2.  RE: PTG study materials

    Posted 05-22-2023 15:43

    Probably the most useful of all PTG publications, Steve Brady's Guide to Field Repairs.

    Ed Sutton
    (980) 254-7413