Shop Fire - Looking for worn-out Yamaha U3AR (mid 1980s)

  • 1.  Shop Fire - Looking for worn-out Yamaha U3AR (mid 1980s)

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    Posted 06-12-2022 17:28
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    A fellow PTGer, Chuck Hansen in Porterville, CA (50 miles North of Bakersfield), has lost his 2000 sq. ft. shop along with all tools and equipment to a fire. Fortunately, he still has all his tuning tools and other car / trunk tools and supplies. Chuck is not looking for freebies and handouts, though some of us have many unneeded duplicates.

    At some point in the future he will be looking to replace shop tools, machinery and EQ, but not till he works out his next moves. In the meantime, does anyone have or know of a bashed and useless  Yamaha U3AR (mid 1980s) that Chuck could buy cheap.

    Chuck's email is


    Nick Gravagne, RPT
    Mechanical Engineering
    Nick Gravagne Products
    Strawberry, AZ 85544