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    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 05-19-2023 10:07

    Make sure to scrutinize any invoices get get from them; they are not a reliable source of what's been paid or not.

    Earlier this winter, the debit card charges at the time of ordering didn't include tax. Two months later, I had to inquire about a hit on my bank account which didn't accompany a purchase by me. Peter Stowell explained they were just then catching up with the unbilled sales tax. Case closed? Nope!

    Yesterday, I received invoices dated yesterday for the total amounts (parts and S&H), dated yesterday.

    In my reply to these invoices (documenting my payments), I admonished the Accounting Dept.: "Please review your accounting practices. They don't speak well for Steinway & Sons".

    William Ballard RPT
    Saxtons River VT

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