Unequal Temperaments - Open Zoom Invitation

  • 1.  Unequal Temperaments - Open Zoom Invitation

    Posted 01-18-2024 15:50

      Open Zoom Invitation Saturday January 20th


    Understanding the Heresy

    -Unequal Temperaments in a Modern World
    Music has been composed in Equal Temperament since the 1500's.
    Why did so many composers continue to use other temperaments?
    David Pinnegar of Hammerwood Park, England will demonstrate for us his process of tuning in an Unequal Temperament.
    Pianist Adolfo Barabino will perform a selection of pieces from those time periods as it was originally heard by the composer.
    Saturday January 20th
    12:30 PM PST
    3:30 PM EST
    8:30 PM GMT
    Meeting ID: 811 6750 6225
    Passcode: 440523
    Hammerwood Park Pianos
    1869 Broadwood cottage Grand
    1802 Stodart Grand 
    1854 pipe organ tuned in meantone. 
    Adolfo Barbino

    Gannon Rhinehart
    Santa Fe NM
    (505) 692-8385