Early Electronic Tuning Devices

PhotoofClass.jpgAn early class in the use of the Conn Strobotuner, which first appeared in 1936.

Below are some historic tuning devices in the museum collection:
ConnStrobo.jpgConn Strobotuner control unit

ConnStrobo2.jpgConn Strobotuner display device

ConnStrobo3.jpgConn Strobotuner all in one

ConnStrobo4.jpgConn Strobotuner compact unit
BerkshireTunemaster.jpgBerkshire Tuner

Peterson70.jpgPeterson 70 (ca. 1964), battery powered

Peterson320.jpgPeterson 320

Peterson420.jpgPeterson 420
Sightotuner.jpgHale Sight-O-Tuner

Sightotuner2.jpgHale Sight-O-Tuner

SightotunerSoupedup.jpgHale Sight-O-Tuner, "souped up" (fine adjustment knobs)

YamahaPT4a.jpgYamaha PT-4

Verituner.jpgVerituner 100