Roloff "dog kennel" piano

This is a German version of the French design, first developed by Roller et Blanchet, and later copied by other French makers, including Soufléto.  It was built by Heinrich Roloff, probably in the 1830s to 1840; the serial number is 852. Because of its shape and the opening by the pedals, it is usually referred to as a “dog kennel” upright. The factory was in Neubrandenburg, Germany. We know of two similar Roloff Dog Kennel pianos. One, with serial number 361, is in Frankfurt, Germany in the Bezirksmuseum. The other, with serial number 1167, is in Bydgoszcz, Poland at the Filharmonia Pomorska.


The range is 6 1/2 octaves, C1 to G6.

Serial number 852 (far right at top). There is a similar instrument in Poland with a serial number of 1167.

There are two string unisons throughout, except for monochords in the low bass.

The piano is strung diagonally. The French called this layout of the strings "oblique."

The two bridges are joined.

There are no iron bars, but the hitchpin plate is iron.

The action has under dampers, below the hammers.