Research Grants


The PTG Foundation is now offering grants for research pertaining to the science and history of the piano. Any original research project that aims to further the knowledge of the technical community and the public about the science or history of the piano, or the field of piano technology will be considered. Grants can be used to purchase equipment, to gain access to research materials, and for material expenses directly related to the research project. Grant funds may not be used to compensate for activities performed within the normal scope of a technician's work, such as tuning pianos.

Each grant is limited to a maximum of $1,000.00. Interested parties must fill out an application and include detailed information about the project.  

Options for submitting application:
1. Scan application and accompanying documents. Email to
2. Mail a hard copy of application and documents to:
   PTG Foundation
   Research Grants Committee
   4444 Forest Avenue
   Kansas City, KS 66106

For a complete description of the research grant requirements and a copy of the application, please go to the following link:
Grant Guidelines and Application

We can be reached at