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Wanted! Teachers of Aural Tuning
15 3 minutes ago by Richard West
A test of PTG communication capabilities
2 41 minutes ago by Richard West
Epoxy and Repin Bridges
9 an hour ago by Keith Roberts
Original post by Alden Jack
Cleaning mold or mildew
9 7 hours ago by Toeisk Kolosi
Original post by Gregory Graham
Piano at historic Vikingsholm Museum
2 20 hours ago by Robert Callaghan
Hammer felts unglued
13 23 hours ago by Joe Wiencek
Original post by Rex Roseman
soundboard separating from ribs
49 2 days ago by William Truitt
Original post by Don Dalton
50 years ago today
1 2 days ago by Willem Blees
Original post by Glen Hart
Schulz Aria Divina
5 2 days ago by Steven Rosenthal
Original post by Laura Wright
0 3 days ago by David Pinnegar
Useful Material Admixtures
3 3 days ago by Steven Rosenthal
Original post by Ed Sutton
soundboard repair
1 3 days ago by Kevin Fortenberry
Original post by Thomas Black
Scrap Hammer Felt Supplier
7 3 days ago by Luke Taylor
23 4 days ago by Benjamin Sanchez
Original post by Larry Fisher
Can You Hear It ???
1 5 days ago by Larry Messerly
Original post by Martin Snow
"Aural Piano Tuning" by Rick Butler
0 5 days ago by elisha katamura
the VanderSmiths
0 7 days ago by Ruth Zeiner
Pecking notes
0 7 days ago by Thomas Black
Plate Weights
8 9 days ago by Tim Coates
Original post by Terrence Farrell
Damper lever spring tensions
7 10 days ago by Gene Nelson
Original post by Joe Wiencek
Music Wire Question or two
8 12 days ago by Delwin Fandrich
Original post by Chris Chernobieff
Rational Approximation of Pure 12th Equal Temperament
32 13 days ago by Richard West
Original post by Roshan Kakiya
Rendering solutions
4 13 days ago by Jon Page
Original post by Keith Roberts
Agraffe thread size
7 13 days ago by Roger Gable
Original post by Zeno Wood
Aeolian Inspection Sticker
0 13 days ago by Floyd Gadd
String friction over metal bearing surfaces
18 14 days ago by Jim Ialeggio
Humidity, pitch and tightness of tuning pins?
2 15 days ago by David Pinnegar
key recovering services
13 16 days ago by Elwood Doss
Original post by Jeff Farris
Boston Leg Bolts
8 16 days ago by Jon Page
Original post by Paul McCloud
Mason & Hamlin Treble Counterbearing Inserts
13 17 days ago by Blaine Hebert
Original post by Floyd Gadd
hammer boring angles needed for Bos 200 from 1972
5 17 days ago by Alan Eder
Full Service
33 19 days ago by Benjamin Sanchez
Vertical action, extra damper lever set, and complete keyboard for sale
1 20 days ago by Alexander Doss
Vertical Piano Flange Resistance
5 20 days ago by Benjamin Sanchez
Plate strut drill hole - Seiler Grand Piano
3 20 days ago by Paul Brown
Persistently tight damper guide rail bushings
30 22 days ago by Alexander Brusilovsky
Original post by Alan Eder
J Gunther birdcage piano
35 22 days ago by Don Dalton
Yamaha CP-60
6 22 days ago by Peter Grey
Wyman Parts Contact Information
0 22 days ago by Arlin Hall
Colson grand truck casters
1 23 days ago by Rex Roseman
Original post by Allan Gilreath
Square Grand
4 24 days ago by Terrence Farrell
Original post by Arlie Rauch
# of tunings for new bass or twisting
0 24 days ago by Scott Cole
Non circular tuning pins on 1819 Broadwood
2 25 days ago by Michael Gamble
Original post by David Pinnegar
Kimball Viennese Pedals
11 25 days ago by Ted Rohde
Just for fun, Progress on "restoring" a baby grand
8 27 days ago by Susan Kline
Original post by D DiCello
Tucson Convention: Taxi ride from airport?
4 28 days ago by Philip Stewart
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Steinway O Chladni Figure
9 one month ago by David Love
Original post by Chris Chernobieff
Reyburn Pianoworks precision retrofit keyboards
0 one month ago by Dean Reyburn
Dealer prep work
17 one month ago by Fred Sturm
Original post by Roger Gable
Potential water/humidity damage questions
3 one month ago by Terrence Farrell
Original post by Geoff Sykes