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    RE: A Bad Burn

    Posted in: Pianotech

    Boaz - You say "The lesson here is if you are doing an overseas job, demand to be paid all upfront..." First, I doubt that that is the only lesson...

  • Keith McGavern

    more tunings

    Posted in: CAUT

    All, Start 40 + more tunings tomorrow. Have completed 31 thus far. Whoopee! Light load I know for some of you. Just wanted to share. Keith...

  • Keith McGavern

    RE: A Bad Burn

    Posted in: Pianotech

    Boaz, While it is unfortunate for any person to be burned in a situation as you have described, how is anyone of us to know who this client is,...

  • Boaz Kirschenbaum

    A Bad Burn

    Posted in: Pianotech

    Hello all, I would not normally share this with the PTG community but my situation is a special one. I recently performed 50 hours of onsite...


Electing Leaders
Norman Cantrell, RPT
PTG President


It is July and this is the month that many members of PTG will gather in Atlanta for the annual PTG Institute and Convention. Prior to the beginning of classes, delegates from your chapter will gather for Council. For years we have conducted the business of PTG in this manner. One of the items on the agenda every year is the election of officers. The president, vice president, secretary-treasurer and seven regional vice presidents will form your board of directors.