IH Actual Measurements vs app, and 12th tuning curves

  • 1.  IH Actual Measurements vs app, and 12th tuning curves

    Posted 02-08-2024 02:49
    I took the time to measure in Matlab, starting with C8 and working down, the precise center of the 3rd harmonic of the 12th below and  comparing the difference with the 1st harmonic (fundamental) of the 12th above. I did this for most of the range of the piano (my Fazioli F308). I used my PianoSens sensor to take the readings of IH. The frequencies lined up across the piano within a fraction of cent across the board. Below C2, I didn't (yet) record the 6:2 and 9:3 in Matlab… an exercise for later!
    Default IH Curves for Fazioli F308
    The dots on the curve are derived from using the PianoSens sensor and not the mic. I did not save the mic file (I'll go back later and do this), but the sensor dots are very tight by comparison. Every time I used the mic in the past, small movements of the mic would change the dot locations until I got above C3. Moving the mic produced a few outliers above C3 and below C3 the outliers with a changing mic position was quite varying. The sensor is quite invariant in the outcome. Subjectively, the piano did sound cleaner from tuning with these sensor-based IH curves. Hard to quantify the subjective statement, but it comes from having a more predictable and invariant point from which to tune. 
    IH Curves for the Fazioli F308
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