Mr. Steven Norsworthy


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Steven Norsworthy is both a professional engineer and musician. He has recently invented a new electronic sensor, PianoSens,, for piano tuning and calibration, allowing tuning in a noisy environment and eliminates the variance and inconsistency coming from mic placement. He also invented a new concept of ‘freeze frame window tuning,’ which accurately allows measuring tuning averaged over a specified time frame after the initial attack where the power level is still relatively high. 

He holds advanced degrees in both engineering and music and has held university teaching positions and professional appointments in both fields. As an engineer, he has 137 patents in subjects related to signal processing, communications electronics, and data conversion, spanning both audio and radio frequency. He is the father of many ‘firsts’ in cellular communications technologies, including the world’s first single tooth Bluetooth, and the first single-chip digital cellular modem. He has authored the most cited textbook on data conversion with over 5000 citations.

As a musician, he is highly proficient in Piano and Brass instruments, having held orchestral posts. He owns a Fazioli F308 piano that was used in competitions and professional recordings.

He is the President/CEO of RF2BITS, Inc., a technology research company he founded in 2006. He has consulted for many Fortune 500 companies, both in commercial communications and defense department products and services.