• 1.  Reminder to send repairs.

    Registered Piano Technician
    Posted 11-04-2022 08:44
    Please send your repair methos of all the repairs you have made on pianos that were the mistakes of manufacturer. What I don't want are common field repairs we make. There already is a book on common field by Steve Brady available at the PTG Store. (For those of you relatively new to the business, this is a must have book). It's on par, if not better, than the Reblitz book.
    There are some ground rules.
    One, please let me know if you've had your repair published in the Journal. I can use your original article it with your permission, but I need permission of the PTG publisher to use the article that was published.
    Two, you will need to allow me to edit the article for content, grammar and spelling. But I will send you a finalized version before it gets published.
    Three, please make sure your name, snail mail address and email address are listed. You will get credit for your repair, but only with that information.
    Four, please be positive. Please don't bash the manufacturer or any technicians who made bad repairs. Tell us how you made the repair. If there are more than one way to make a repair, I will publish all the different ways to make the repair.
    This book will be published by the PTG and sold in the PTG store. I'm doing this for gratis. Any money the book makes will go to the PTG.
    Please send your repairs to my email address: Tnrwim@aol.com. Do not send it to any other e-mail address or to my Facebook page.
    Wim Blees

    Willem "Wim" Blees, RPT
    St. Augustine, FL 32095