Mr. Julien Blackman

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#9 Narinesingh Terr, Jonathon Trace
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Experience: (2019 training at Steinway factory New York Regulations November 4th -November 8th  )  2017-11 Suriname 18 pianos(tuning, regulating, strings replacement and minor repairs,) in four days. 2008-Present Sir Black Piano services Manager/ Piano Tuner/ Technician Tuning, servicing, repairs, refurbishing ,and transportation of all makes of pianos for private customers and institutions throughout Trinidad and Tobago. 2014-Present University of Trinidad and Tobago contracted to tune and service pianos at various Campuses. 2014-Present The Univresity of the West Indies contracted to tune and service pianos on campus and total preparation of pianos for A.B.R.S.M. Practical exams. 2012-11 Hero's Foundation supply and rental of grand piano to complement a full orchestra from France ,total preparations of piano for concert. Transporting of all music instruments to and from the concert. 2009-06 John legend concert total preparations of piano for concert, transporting of piano to and from concert. Education : 2014-12 One-on-One Hands-On Tuning and Regulating Training Seminar at Randy Potter School of Piano Technology Bend, Oregon USA. 2006-2008 Long distance learning in piano technology and in-person Training Seminar Randy Potter school of piano Technology Bozeman Montana, USA. 2002-2008 Training and apprenticeship in piano repairs and technology at Piano Craft Services.