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Technician since 1979, working for Kawai America since 1995 Don began an apprenticeship with a piano rebuilder while completing his studies at San Diego State University as a piano performance major in 1979. After working as an independent piano technician in the San Diego area, he held the position of National Service Manager for Young Chang Pianos, then was Manager of Technical Support for Kawai Pianos in the US and Canada, and now serves as the Director of Field Services for Kawai and Shigeru Kawai Pianos. Don and his wife Patty are the editors of the Southern California Combined PTG newsletter. In addition to teaching at regional technician seminars, PTG Annual conventions, and at PTG chapter meetings, he also has designed technicians tools and has published articles on a variety of technical topics in the Piano Technicians Journal, including Action Center service, a series on grand action regulation, and the use of plastics in piano actions. In 2010 he was certified in Japan as a Kawai "Master Piano Artisan" (or MPA), the highest level of technician for the Kawai company. Don resides in Cypress, CA with his wife Patty. Their daughter Sarah received her Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science from UCSD, and is currently earning her Masters in Education at Concordia University.