Mr. David Pinnegar

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I've been tuning since 1983 at Hammerwood Park and around 2006 or so realised that historic organ tuning was still the tuning which piano composers were exploiting, and so have been investigating the subject ever since.

In collaboration with Michael Gamble, formerly keyboard technician at Glyndeborne for 20 years, a method of tuning an unequal temperament has emerged which can be universally applied to the modern piano giving useful key colour without offending, and importantly resonance to the instrument.

The methodology of temperament design and execution in practice has derived also from our experience of historic instruments and studying their harmonic structure, notably a Stodart of 1802, and Broadwoods of 1819, 1859, 1868 and 1908 and others.

As the application of such temperament has become appreciated by visiting musicians I've been asked increasingly to tune externally, locally in Sussex, London, Scotland, Wales, Leicester, Genoa and Malta, and particularly in the South of France where last year I tuned for the Nice International Piano Competition

I've also been asked to tune for Jazz musicians and documents recordings and experiments.