Mr. Edward McMorrow, RPT

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I have been servicing pianos since 1971. I am the author of a professional text for Technicians titled, "The Educated Piano". I have taught at many Nat'l and regional conventions. I have pioneered many service protocols for pianos, some of them are: Procedure and specifications for shaping the capo bar to the ideal configuration; Developed and published Light Hammer Tone Regulation Procedure which develops dynamic tone and ideal musically ergonometric feel by adjusting the hammer weight in relation to the action leverage via feedback from the dynamic feel of the action while nearly eliminating the weights from the keys. Developed a cent differential tuning system for use with an electronic tuning instrument that is an analog of the beat-rate feedback loops of the finest aural techniques. Have a US patent pending titled, Fully Tempered Duplex Scale, which controls beating interactions between and from L-modes to T-modes while optimizing the pivot string termination conditions to their placement in the keyboard compass. Have developed Hybrid Wire scaling protocols using the "softer" wires (such as Paulello and Pure Sound offer) to modify scale breaks to better control troublesome L-modes. I was the piano technician for the Seattle Symphony for 13 years. I was the head technician at Sherman/Clay Steinway dealership in Seattle for 16 years.