Mr. Michael Morvan

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A born tinkerer, I first honed my woodworking, metal working, and mechanical drawing skills in the United States Navy as a shipboard machinist repairing and fabricating broken parts while at sea. I added welding, plumbing and electrical skills to my resume installing above ground car lifts and waste oil furnaces for garages and automotive repair shops all over New England. I became interested in repairing pianos while in college after I picked up a free piano listed in the "Want Ad" digest. I easily fixed all the broken parts inside the piano but could not tune it, I called a local tuner. Once the piano was tuned, the tuner asked me "who fixed all the broken parts and cleaned the inside of the piano?" I was immediately offered a job and started my first of three apprenticeships. I gravitated towards rebuilding actions, player piano mechanisms, and replacing keytops. A few years later I opened my own business and introduced & implemented the use of precision metal working equipment in the restoration and fabrication of piano actions, keyboards, and related parts. Once better established we introduced cnc equipment and CAD/CAM technology for manufacturing replacement piano & organ keyboards and related parts, manufactured soundboard and rib shaping cauls, and used cnc equipment to precisely drill Steinway & Sons brass action rails. We continue to offer the finest quality keyboard restoration services and Steinway & Sons action frame rail replacement, drilling, tapping. I have been a guest instructor and exhibitor at numerous piano and organ conventions nationwide.