Mr. Carl Lieberman

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Carl has been a piano technician in Los Angeles since 1972, passed his professional RPT exams in 1979 and has over 40 years tuning experience. He studied aural tuning with David Safir and learned repair, regulation and voicing skills in David Safir's shop at Pianos Wholesale. Carl tuned aurally only until 1981 and has been integrating both aural and electronic tuning since taking an ear opening class from Steve Fairchild, RPT. He studied math and computers eons ago, receiving his Bachelor's Degree from U.C. Berkeley. Since its initial release he has been a member of the CyberTuner Development Team, optimizing and expanding the software's capabilities. He is now CyberTuner's Imagineer.  Carl is the staff piano technician at the Village Recording Studio and at the Broad Stage Performing Arts Center.  Carl has chaired and served on numerous National PTG Committees and is currently the President of the WestPac Regional Conference Board.