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Originally from Maine, where I worked in several boatyards in Southern Maine marinas, doing wooden boat hull repairs and cabinetry. Expanded my duties repairing the Gel Coat finishes on fiberglass hulls with Polyester repair. I was called by a local piano dealer in Portland Maine to repair a gloss black piano finish and my service to the piano industry had begun. I started as a hobbyist in 1983. My business opened in 1985. My knowledge began with an intensive home study course. The Randy Potter School of Piano Technology was in-depth and gave me the knowledge to understand the piano and provide competent repairs and service. After years of slim business in my State, I surveyed many cities where relocation to a stronger economic environment was needed to better support my family. After a family meeting in 1994 we decided to move to Las Vegas Nevada. This was the best business decision I ever made. After about two years of slowly building my business there I was hired by the local Steinway dealer to do sales floor tuning, repairs and regulation. I was sponsored by the Steinway dealer (Southern Nevada Music Co.) to attend Steinway factory training in New York on three occasions. The first Steinway Technical Education Program (S.T.E.P.) began with Action Regulation. The following year I attended the factory training for Hammer Voicing and the last visit I attended was the Damper System training for installation and proper regulation. This training was a great feather in my hat and I was the guy to call for S&S tuning, repairs and much needed damper issues and trouble-shooting. My entire personal clientele was over 10,000 beloved instruments and wonderful customers and friends. Another Factory dealer sponsored trip was to the Yamaha facility in Buena Park California for their brand of regulation and voicing. The Yamaha approach to technical adjustments is unique to its brand. This training was in-lighting. For many years I installed the player piano system PianoDIsc in grand pianos. I was factory trained and the PianoDisc factory in Sacramento California. With the many casino hotels in Las Vegas I was called on to tune and repair the many of their player pianos in the high-end suites. Fast forward to the present I decided to leave my Las Vegas home of 21 years back to the eastern part of the country. Semi retirement was in my plan to lessen my work schedule and to be closer to family members. I now enjoy rebuilding my business again servicing the Central Ohio area. This move has been beneficial in that I now only schedule one tuning a day so I can thoroughly service my clients pianos to sound and play to the instruments greatest potential. And, I have extra time to spend in my shop for repairs and some rebuilding. I spend my off-time riding my motorcycle in the many country roads and the beautiful midwest landscapes that Ohio has to offer. I am close to my grown children and blessed to be with and watch my 3 grandchildren grow up. I have been a proud member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 1992. This membership has been instrumental in my ongoing education in the piano technology arts. By attending conventions, I have learned from the best in the business. I am currently the President of the Columbus Chapter #431. Previously, I was Chapter president in Las Vegas Nevada for 5 years. My residence is in Newark Ohio. Other trades of my past I partnered with my father in the landscape business where I Installed Dry Stone walls. I also did Flat Brick patios/driveways and such. Artistic brick patterns and designs were premium services I offered. I also ran the associated trades crews. I have 2 pictorial books showcasing my works.