Mr. Don Dalton

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Here's a recent testimonial, and it's in line with other feedback.

“I want to report that I've been playing my piano all morning and loving the changes. Wow. Just wow. Near tears...the old upright that I've always wanted: one with character AND yet beautifully playable . I've been blaming myself for never being able to learn certain fast passages well enough, but I actually think it's been the piano's rough action holding me some degree at least. Ha! Thank you for your knowledge, skill, and patience. You've transformed my piano from a chore to play into a joy!”

That's why I love the work. 

But so far as a "bio" goes, I'm an older guy (60's) who was looking for a profession to fill in the cracks in my semi-retirement, and I more-or-less stumbled upon piano technology. Since we have a few piano tuners in my area who don't regulate or repair, I'm getting known as the local guy who does this and I'm getting busier and busier. 

I learn a heck of a lot by taking things apart and looking at them. And, by reading Pianotech Digest daily and searching the archives. Thank you!