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    I've been using the large SS thumbtacks that come with the PLS undercover kits, with a cardboard punching behind it if necessary (it usually isn't). The smooth rounded surface of the tack doesn't add much ...

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    Jim I would say that somewhat misrepresents my points (not entirely) so let me clarify.  My comments are interspersed and underlined. Impedance of a board system is one part of the choice of hammer ...

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    David L< I have put Ronsen hammers on high impedance bellies and while that happened to be what the customer wanted (the case I'm thinking of is a Ronsen Wurzen hammer on a Bosendorfer 225), I found it ...

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Paul Adams, RPT
PTG President

We all have certain obligations in life. The same is true for PTG. We have an obligation to continue to provide a long list of benefits to the membership and to expand that list whenever possible. We enter into contracts with major hotels in order to provide the facilities to hold our annual conventions. Our current contract with the DoubleTree Hotel in Orlando was negotiated and signed well before Covid-19. The only thing that was changed in that contract was the date of the event when we rescheduled to 2021, due to the pandemic. We have an obligation to fulfill that contract this year. The hotel is taking the position that by August, they will be able to fulfill their obligations and expect us to do the same.


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